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Why Milan & Hair Desire

Hair is more than an accessory; it’s an essential part of your personal beauty, style, and fashion. The quality of your hair matters and we are committed to bringing you the purest, most authentic hair available. When you choose Milan & Hair Desire, you choose advocacy, authenticity, and honesty.

Advocacy – Did you know that your hair, regardless of where it’s originally from, is mainly gathered by manufacturers in China? In order to bring you the most beautiful hair available at affordable prices, our team works directly with these manufacturers on your behalf. Our Chinese liaison officer on the leadership team visits our partner’s factories, inspecting and negotiating directly to ensure we keep our promise to only bring you the purest, most authentic hair on the market.

Authenticity – Raw hair comes from many different sources before it’s selected and packaged just for you. Along the way, virgin hair is commonly mixed with processed or low-quality hair to cut costs. We believe you deserve better. We work closely with manufacturers to confirm the source and quality of your hair.

Honesty – There’s a lot of confusion in the US hair market around where your hair comes from. Maybe you’ve seen claims that certain hair is only from Malaysia, India, or Peru. In reality, it’s difficult to know from which countries manufacturers source their hair. Beautiful hair can be gathered from China, India, southeastern Asia, throughout Europe, and beyond. As industry leaders in honesty and transparency, we don’t make gimmicky claims. Instead, we simply use our expertise to continually seek out manufacturers with the most pure, authentic hair available to bring you hair you’ll be proud to wear.

Shop Milan & Hair Desire for beautiful hair designs that are authentic and pure.